Winning hearts and minds and building relationships.

When companies look to implement a document management system, their initial focus is quite rightly on which software to purchase. Does it do what we want it to do and what does it cost?

If only it was that simple! The software is the easy bit; the real challenge is managing business change. Introducing any kind of software across an organisation requires some level of change management, introducing a document management system is no different.

Luckily, Opentree don’t just sell software. Our consultancy service is designed not only to help ensure a successful role out of Cabinet, but also establish an ongoing effective support structure.

Our Cabinet specialists achieve this by ensuring that the system is implemented and configured to address both the business’ and the users’ requirements. Engaging the user base and identifying champions, whilst gathering requirements and documenting business processes.

Once successfully implemented our Cabinet specialists remain an invaluable member of your team; having established good working relationships with your users, as well as having gained a unique knowledge of your business processes. Not only a considerable benefit when providing ongoing support, but also should you require our consultancy service in the future to help you grow your Cabinet system, “your” Cabinet specialist is always on hand.

Cabinet delivers the smart solution to comply with BS EN ISO 19650 (BS 1192:2007 / PAS 1192-2).

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