Opentree Document Archive can save your business time and money with our off-site document storage and instant retrieval service.


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Archive Overview

Whether it is bills, contracts or invoices, every business has its share of paperwork. Quite often locating that crucial document or drawing which has been stored away can be costly, time-consuming and fruitless. This is why Opentree has devised its Opentree archive solution, which allows instant access to your documents at the click of a button. The documents are safely stored off-site and can be retrieved in near real time, offering you accuracy and peace of mind.

Opentree Archive consists of:

  • Scanning on Demand
  • Document Management Centre
  • Opentree Storageworks Database

Key benefits of Archive

  • Less paperwork, simplifying your business process.
  • Controlled access to view documents as and when you want.
  • Information can be easily shared.
  • Quick access, no need to send or return physical documents.
  • Cost-effective, reduction in overheads and storage costs.
  • Scan on demand at real time.
  • Original documents securely stored off-site.
  • Eradicates out of date documents

Scanning on Demand

Opentree offers a full scanning service, which you can utilise from our office in Stokesley, or even from the convenience of your own premises. We have developed our own bespoke software for controlling the quality assurance of the scans produced, ensuring you receive a first class service every time. Recent projects completed include the colour scanning of over 3.5 million documents and making these all searchable for text and hosting on a Cabinet server.

Our scanning services include:

  • Drawing scanning in sizes from A0 roll length downwards
  • Microfilm aperture card scanning
  • Indexing into databases, excel or text format
  • OCR of documents
  • Colour scanning and conversion into highly compressed formats with embedded OCR text information

Document Management Centre

Opentree also operates Document Management Centres for several major customers. Customers’ hard copy records are held off-site within the Cabinet archive and serviced through dedicated Opentree staff assigned to the customer. Services include scanning and indexing into the hosted Cabinet server for all new documents coming into the organisation, and management of all the information flowing in/out of the DMC. Opentree also offers IT management of the server and monitoring of the dedicated communications links.

Opentree Storageworks

Opentree has written Opentree Storageworks software to manage all the archive boxes located within the Opentree Archives. As a suitable commercial piece of software for the application was not available, a design specification was written and the software was developed in-house.

The software allows for the input of customers contact data, design of warehouse racking layouts, creation of box sizes, automatic allocation of available storage locations, full reporting for document and box picking. Importing of index information supplied by customer or and created internally, and is also fully supported.

Graitec Opentree delivers the smart solution to comply with BS EN ISO 19650 (BS 1192:2007 / PAS 1192-2).

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