Developing software and partnerships.

Opentree are sole owners of the Cabinet source code, developed entirely in-house. As no third party or outsourced development resource is utilised, we focus on investing in the future of our development team. A practice that not only continues to see our numbers grow, but also saw the opening of our Sheffield development office. With two local universities our graduate scheme enables us to continually benefit from the next generation of developers.

Our team of software developers and testers work tirelessly behind the scenes to continually enhance Cabinet, our world-class document management system. Working with the latest Microsoft technologies as well as best-of-breed Open Source projects and tools, the full development lifecycle is managed in-house.

Our customer partnership approach means that all our customers have an input into the development of Cabinet and all benefit from the resulting developments. So we are always open to your suggestions on how we can enhance our Cabinet software, as well as open to discussing major in line development projects.

Cabinet delivers the smart solution to comply with BS EN ISO 19650 (BS 1192:2007 / PAS 1192-2).

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