Supporting and strengthening relationships.

Our dedicated and highly experienced support team, pride themselves on providing unparalleled levels of service and support. The majority of our customers are multinational blue chip companies, which expect and indeed receive an approachable and professional service.

Whether we are providing tier 1 or tier 2 level support, we operate a 3 ring answering policy. We do not have an automated answering service, meaning your call will always be answered by a member of our support team. We also operate an email automated support call logging system, which enables us to efficiently manage and quickly respond to all our customers’ support calls.

As we support companies all over the world, our support team is proficient in providing remote support of both servers and desktops via various remote assistance software. An invaluable tool, especially when providing support for Opentree which enables users to collaborate across the globe.

Beyond this and some would argue more importantly, are the relationships our support team have with our customers. Although always respectful and professional, we believe that a good customer relationship is a key part of providing an unparalleled level of service and support.

Graitec Opentree delivers the smart solution to comply with BS EN ISO 19650 (BS 1192:2007 / PAS 1192-2).

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