Graitec Opentree is an enterprise level solution delivering document management for Architects and Engineers requiring BIM Compliant document control to BS EN ISO 19650 standards or to bespoke compliant engineering workflows .

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Graitec Opentree (formerly Cabinet) is a Document Management software solution for Architects and Engineers that manages the entire life cycle of all your documents and drawings, ensuring compliance with business processes and industry standards, resulting in improved productivity and efficiency across your organisation.


icon-a Manage Documents Effectively

  • Management of the whole document life cycle from creation to issue.
  • Template management, from creation through approval to release and revision to update.
  • Advanced CAD functionality for managing models, drawings and references.
  • Comprehensive revision management, including a complete revision history.
  • Highly configurable workflow, enabling branching, looping and circular workflows.
  • Advanced workflow engine, for performing various background tasks on batches of documents.
  • Collation and linking functionality negates the need for duplication of documents.
  • Controlled bulk import and export of documents and associated metadata.
  • Enables compliance with various working standards, such as BS 1192:2007 (BIM Level 2).

icon-b Save Time & Money

  • Clean and simple user interface to ease user acceptance and minimise training requirements.
  • Comprehensive search functionality, drastically reducing the time spent looking for documents.
  • Enforces standardisation, including consistency of folder structures across projects and time.
  • Automatic document file naming, negates the need to maintain a document register.
  • Automatic population of headers, footers and title blocks on open of a document.
  • The automation of creating and populating transmittal notes and document packages.
  • Managed processes and communication enables and encourages collaboration.
  • Less reliance on the IT department for assigning user permissions or restoring deleted documents.
  • Complete document and workflow history resulting in a happy Auditor!

icon-c Simple Integration

  • Configuration not customisation, i.e. one code base with no bespoke development.
  • Optional default BS 1192:2007 compliant configuration, which can be tailored to meet the customer’s specific requirements. Enabling you to implement an EDMS quicker than you may think!
  • Integrated Office, CAD, email and photograph management.
  • Managed permissions and priviliges with configurable Windows AD integration.
  • Comprehensive API enabling integration with existing in-house and best of breed applications.

icon-d Unique Services & Support

  • Our customer partnership approach means that all our customers have an input into the development of Opentree and all benefit from the resulting developments.
  • Unparalleled service and support with direct access to product specialists.
  • Consultancy service designed to help you get the very best out of your document management system.
  • We offer business continuity protection through an escrow agreement.



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Graitec Opentree delivers the smart solution to comply with BS EN ISO 19650 (BS 1192:2007 / PAS 1192-2).

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