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Companies that are not currently using a document management solution create an unnecessary risk. Not only can they waste valuable time but also open themselves up to legislative issues simply by not controlling documents.


icon-f Storage & Management Issues

  • Multiple uncontrolled copies of documents, i.e. stored in various locations, in various folders and as attachments to various emails.
  • Various versions of documents, i.e. which is the latest approved/issued document?
  • Old versions, unapproved or incomplete documents are issued to the client.
  • Inconsistent folder structure across projects, i.e. where do I file/find this document?
  • Inadequate or no template management, so out-of-date templates are used to create new documents.
  • No method of collating or linking documents without duplicating documents.
  • Documents and/or whole folder structures are deleted or moved accidently.

icon-e Increased Cost & Risk

  • Either they can’t find a document or they spend more time than should be necessary searching for it. At best this is non-productive time which costs money, at worst it is a lack of evidence!
  • Management overhead of maintaining a document register.
  • Audits can be troublesome, i.e. who checked and approved this document and when?
  • Creation of transmittals is time consuming, requiring the manual re-entry of existing data.
  • A reliance on the IT department to assign user permissions and restore deleted documents.
  • Unmanaged collaboration means processes and communication are ad hoc.
  • Difficulty in meeting working standards, such as BS 1192:2007 (BIM Level 2).



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Graitec Opentree delivers the smart solution to comply with BS EN ISO 19650 (BS 1192:2007 / PAS 1192-2).

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